2017 PPOC National Image Salon- Lloydminster Portrait Photographer

Every year, just before spring, the Professional Photographers of Canada hold their annual National Image Salon. This is where active/accredited members of the PPOC, from all over Canada, enter their best images to be evaluated by a group of highly qualified judges. These jurors view in excess of 700 images to determine those images worthy of being accepted into the Salon Exhibition.

Images deemed worthy of inclusion in the final Salon Exhibition are given a score of Accepted, Merit or Excellence. These images are then published in PPOC’s Annual Inspiration Books, which are beautifully bound 12″ x 12″ hard-cover albums.

Each year I watch the judging live online even if it means waking up at 6:30am and am always blown away by the amazing images that are submitted.

My goal was to have at least two images accepted in the Salon Exhibition this year.

My goal was achieved- this year I received one Accepted and TWO Merit images!

Below are my submissions and results from the 2017 PPOC National Image Salon.

Title:  “Wind Song”

Class: Fine Art

Score: Not Accepted



Title: “I Think We Need To Talk”

Class:  Animals

Score:  Accepted 



Title:  “Looking Into Manhood”

Class:  Child Portrait

Score:  Merit



Title:  “Juvenescence”

Class: Child Portrait

Score: Merit 



            For more information about the Professional Photographers of Canada visit:                         ppoc




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